So by now, if you have read some of the articles that we have posted to other sections of our site, you probably have a good idea of the benefits real estate testimonials can have for your business. We have explored the reasons why customers and clients are particularly drawn to this type of advertising, and some of the most effective ways to place your testimonials. What we have not yet gone over are the different ways in which you can use these testimonials to benefit your business.

The uses of testimonials within real estate are what we will be taking a look at in the articles that we post to this section. We will take a look at how you can use the statements of real customers to increase your client base through a number of different mediums, including:

A testimonial can be helpful for even the small mundane everyday decisions we have to make. Take for instance buying hair care products. Where are the stores to find the best bargain? Having someone share with you their experiences and advice can be very time saving and efficient for you.


Most real estate agents have, by this point, come to realize the incredible benefits a website can offer as far as attracting new clients. They have a universal appeal and can help reach clients that might never have been attracted to your business in the past. Realtors with websites have better chances at attracting clients that are not local, and of course that is what the business is all about.

With everyone utilizing this effective online tool for advertising, though, you need something to help your services stand out from the crowd. That`s where different forms of marketing come in, and that includes the real estate testimonial. We will provide you with the information you need when it comes to recruiting, designing, and placing this form of advertisement in a useful way on your website.

Traditional media

While the Internet has made leaps and bounds in terms of its popularity with realtors and other business people, traditional media can still be used to great effect. The issue with this media is that it is quite a bit more expensive than most web-based marketing campaigns, and that means everyone has to mind their budgets when putting an advertising plan together for television, radio, and even print ads.

Again, the testimonial can be an incredibly effective way to get your message across in traditional forms of media, but the price and space will often mean that you have less to work with. In order to use the testimonials you have gathered effectively, you need to understand the essentials of this form of advertising. You then need to know how to break down a real estate testimonial effectively, so that the message is hammered home even in shortened form. The information we post here will help you achieve this goal.

When venturing into anything new and or unexpected having a testimonial from a trusted individual can be very valuable. For example when researching and considering buying products (let's use replacement parts you need for a pump as an example), knowledge is power and discussing the pros and cons with an experienced company, (like Abba) can help. During a real estate transaction is not the only time a testimonial can be appreciated. There are many different aspects of life in which a the voice of experience can go a long way. If you find yourself in the market for a specific product you would be wise to listen to a person who has just traveled the road ahead of you.

When it comes to hiring new employees or even finding your perfect job a reference from an experienced individual can be priceless. A testimonial or reference can make the difference between finding the most ideally suited employee for the position or finding the career you have always dreamed of. The same rings true when deciding which contractor to help with problems in your home and getting them fixed. If you need to hire a company you will want a reference or testimonial from someone who had a positive experience in which the problem was fixed quickly and efficiently.

Finally, expect articles that will take a look at different ways real estate testimonials can be used within the industry itself. There are all sorts of advertising aspects that a realtor needs to think about, from buying and selling to all of the different niche areas one can make a living in. We will take a look at the appropriate testimonials and their uses within all the different sectors of the real estate industry.

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