Most businesses depend on referrals to keep them going and the by word of mouth process is still very much alive. It sure works and if you were to ask any company or business, they would readily affirm this theory.

The referrals strategy has long been employed by marketing gurus to help improve market position for clients. It does not really matter what type of client it is or what kind of product or service is being offered. It could be a business who sells guitars (like those found on Amazon) and other types of musical instruments, to the one who runs a dental office, much like does.

There are several ways to view a referral. You can also refer to a referral as a testimonial or an endorsement. So long as the above contains some sort of description of the writer or spokesman describing their delight or success at being able to use said product or service. For example: someone may come out and tell us how happy they are with the services that are being provided by an inspector of real estate. Or someone else may be more than willing to tell us about a health product that they have had success with.

Come to think of it, testimonials are a very part of our lives and we may not even know it. Each time we use a product or service, we do so because it has been referred to us in some way, shape, or form. We use a product because we have seen an ad for it on TV and we use a service because one of our friends has recommended it to us. We gravitate towards the services being offered by a company that someone has told us that this particular company offers top notch services.

Testimonials and referrals can definitely work to our advantage. Especially so when we are about to venture into the unknown to try out a product or service. Maybe we are unfamiliar with the process of pronation and we are seeking some reference points. How can we best get around the problem of dealing with an unknown? Well, here comes the testimonial/referral.

Where can we find these? Almost everywhere. Through TV ads, through radio spots, through classified ads in the newspaper, and of course! On the Internet. Let us not forget the friendly advice of friends and family as well.

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Monday, December 4, 2023