Positive Feedback

When you've completed a transaction with a business, often they will ask you to evaluate your experience with the company and submit some comments on their services. This is partly so that they can figure out how well their patrons are meeting their needs and partly because they're hoping to collect some positive feedback that they can use to help them attract more clients through their website and brochures. If you had a good experience and you want to leave some positive feedback, here are the topics new customers will want to know about.

Customer Relations

Often the deciding factor that makes a new patient choose one business over another is that they are friendlier and more personable than their rivals. Think about how the company's employees treated you. Were they friendly? Did they go out of the way to help you? Did they treat you with respect? Did they respond to your emails or messages with promptness? These are all things that new customers want to know, as one of the most common reasons for avoiding a company is that they have bad service.


A person who is looking for preowned tools for a home project for example, is not going to want to wait forever for the product they ordered to arrive, so speed of service is another key issue to cover. If the company was prompt in responding to your inquiries, found you the product you were looking for within a reasonable time frame, and shipped you your order with rapidity, they have succeeded in this regard, though sometimes quality in is sacrificed for speed.


When a customer is considering buying a license plate cover from a company, he or she wants to know whether the product is made properly and will last. Since you already own the product, you can speak to its quality. Is it well made? Durable? Safe to use? Likely to last a long time? Were there any flaws in the design or the manufacturing? What are the products strengths and weaknesses? How would you compare it to a competing product? Answering these questions will be very helpful to a new customer who is trying to decide between competing products.


With high quality often comes an increase in price, so the cost of your trip is another thing you'll want to talk about in your feedback. Let other customers know what you bought, how much it cost, whether you got any discounts, and whether there were any taxes, fees, customs charges, insurance surcharges, or repair packages that were attached to it. And of course, you'll want to mention whether what you bought was worth the price you paid.

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