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Every business person, at some point in their career, must face and deal with negativity. Whether it is a negative person in the office that rubs you the wrong way, or a client who is unsatisfied for one reason or another, rising above these challenges is a must for any real estate agent who wants to survive the tough competition in their chosen marketplace. Hopefully, if any of your clients are unsatisfied with your services, it will not end in a defamatory comment or even worse! The bad news about having clients who are unhappy is that your competitors may capitalize on this and see it as an opportunity to post negative comment about your business on their websites. This is a very real possibility, yet there are several ways to deal with this if it happens to you.

The majority of the time, it is hard to know what you did that upset the clients and resulted in their negative testimonials. It could be something as simple as the fact that they were devout vegans and were upset by your leather belts. Or perhaps they thought you should have done more to get them into their dream home, lost to a faster buyer. Sometimes there are issues with the home that are not apparent at first (a roof that leaks, a furnace that is inefficient), and the easy thing is to blame the real estate agent, rather than the home inspector who should have noticed these flaws. Judging by their positive reviews, if you scheduled with Housemaster Home Inspections you would have received a thorough and detailed report of the entire property.

Keeping tabs on the people that you work with, including the home inspectors, accountants, banking representatives, the estate agent (Canada based or otherwise) and everyone else is a great way to follow up with these people who help finalize the sale of the home. Making sure that your clients are treated the way you want them to be treated by all of these individuals is a great way to ensure their satisfaction throughout the entire process. For every unsatisfied client, there are bound to be just as many (or more) customers who are happy. Focusing on the testimonials of these satisfied customers is a great way to refute the negative comments that may appear on other people's sites.

In order to further negate this negative feedback, you could contact the individuals that gave these testimonials to determine what went wrong, and how you can avoid this in the future. Get the facts straight without getting defensive, and try as best you can to remedy the situation. Perhaps this will show the client that you care about their satisfaction, and they will change their mind about their experience. Whether your market is Burnaby British Columbia or Mississauga Ontario real estate, making things right with your clients who are unhappy is a great way to mend your reputation and ensure that your business will continue to thrive.

Your unhappy customers may even contact your competitor to remove their negative comments from their website. This, of course, is a best case scenario. Nevertheless, nothing but good things will come out of your follow-up with the clients who were unsatisfied. Perhaps it was that elderly couple that you sold the used car to. Stopping by their new home or giving them a quick courtesy call to review their problems with your services will reinforce how much you care, and this thoughtful gesture may persuade them to change their opinion. Additionally, Business News Daily has put together some helpful tips on how to handle those negative customer reviews.

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Monday, December 4, 2023