Creating A Template

Creating a template for client testimonials demands that you think about what type of responses you want to get. Asking the right questions can make a world of difference when it comes to what your clients will write about your service. Going above and beyond the clients' expectations is a great way to ensure that they will give you positive feedback and refer you to their friends and family. This could mean anything from working with them outside of your regular business hours to suggesting where they can get the perfect bathroom furniture vanities for their en-suite. No matter what you do for your clients, ensuring their satisfaction is a great way to ensure positive testimonials.

There are many ways to go about creating a neutral template that will be easy for your clients to fill out, and will not persuade or pressure them to say one thing versus another. There are many online companies that specialize in creating templates for real estate testimonials. These templates can be customized and tailored to suit your needs, whether you are looking for feedback from the couple you sold the homemade quilt to, or the family that you found the perfect photographer for. Yet purchasing a professional template can have its drawbacks as well. Not only will this service be costly, it may not be exactly what you are looking for. Creating your own template can be a simple and fun task that you have total control over.

Consider the end result that you want out of the testimonial when deciding which questions you want to appear on the testimonial. Remember to cover all aspects of your service from the beginning search for a home, or for oceanfront property for sale, to the home inspection and the final paper work, to the big moving day. Making sure that all of these aspects run smoothly is the first step towards receiving positive customer feedback.

It is best to ask questions that have a neutral tone, such as 'Describe how your needs were met over the course of working with your real estate agent'. This leaves the question open to interpretation, and suggests that the client's needs were indeed met, without sounding persuasive. Another open ended question that you could use on your testimonial could be 'What aspect of your experience did you enjoy the most, or what stands out about your experience working with your real estate agent?'. This example also leaves the client free to state the best part of their experience and, again, suggests that they are satisfied without stating this bluntly.

Whether you deal in commercial real estate, the condominium downtown Toronto market, or anything in between, creating your own template for client feedback is an excellent way to grow your business. Creating a neutral template that will not openly pressure your clients regarding what to say is an excellent way to get great reviews. Positive testimonials are a very popular way to increase your client base, and this can be done very inexpensively - and in today's tough financial times, saving money is always an attractive option!

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Monday, December 4, 2023